Taking A Pro-Active approach to Fire Protection will save your Home from WildFire!

Don`t wait until there is smoke in the air to develop your plan... It will be to late then. Fire is capricious. It can find the weak link in your home’s fire protection scheme and gain the upper hand because of a small, overlooked or seemingly inconsequential factor. 

Get a Comprehensive Home and Property Assessment. This assessment will gather information from inspecting your home and property utilizing local city, county, state wildfire safe standards as well as common fire fighting tactics and strategy employed to protect your home from wildfire.

This assessment will be used to determine your homes survivability in the event of a wildfire and develop solutions to fully protect your home and make it a safe haven for your family and neighbors. 

While you may not be able to accomplish all measures below (and there are no guarantees), each will increase your home’s, and possibly your family’s, safety and survival during a wildfire.

Start with the easiest and least expensive actions. Begin your work closest to your house and move outward. Keep working on the more difficult items until you have completed your entire project.

What can you do !!!

(A) Get a Wildfire hazard assessment completed asap!

(B) Develop a comprehensive fire protection plan, put it on paper, implement it!

(C) Begin your defensible space! Firescaping your D-Space!

(D) Fire resistive Building Construction (new or remodel) ,coatings, paints, fire walls and barriers!

(E) Interior Fire Sprinklers! (Mandatory in some jurisdictions).

(F) Exterior/Exposure Fire Protection Systems featuring Thermo-Gel!

(G) Barrier Fire Protection Systems (Landscape fire systems)!

(H) Wildfire Monitoring/Early Warning/Detection/Notification systems!

(I) Back-up power generation!

(J) Back-up fire water storage!

American Eagle Fire Protection Services can protect your home and belongings from "WildFire" Anywhere/Anytime... 24/7/365...Automatically and you don`t even have to be home.


Proven and accepted standards of Design, Installation and Maintenance, approved by Fire Departments Nation Wide for over 100 years!


rlh@americaneaglefire.com   (844) Fire Out   (844) 347-3688

rlh@americaneaglefire.com   (844) Fire Out   (844) 347-3688



(844) Fire Out (844) 347-3688

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