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Protecting You & Your Family from WildFire!

Since its beginnings in 1989, American Eagle Fire Protection Services has been proud to serve the  WildLand Urban Interface communities thru-out the Western United State`s. With State-of-the-Art Engineering/Installation/Maintenance/Inspection and Fire Behavior Analysis, the latest Fire Equipment and Scientific Research as well as vast amounts of experience...we are ready to handle any type of fire protection situation.

 We are a full service fire protection company that offers Pro-Active/ Aggressive/Economical/Environmental Safe and Sane solutions to your Home or Business Fire Protection needs.

Our company specialize in protecting Homes/Communities, Equestrian Centers, Commercial/Industrial Operations and other structures in the WildLand/Urban Interface. We have hands on experience with 100`s of wildfires in the "WildLand Urban Interface" as retired and/or in service fire professionals. Our "Fire Protection Engineers" have engineered countless NFPA rated fire protection systems, approved and installed in most cities and counties In California/Oregon as approved by all City, County and State Fire Authorities \ Local Fire Departments and Building Officials.

Our Fire Protection Specialists and Technicians are all well trained fire protection/suppression professionals. Local folks from the Junior College Fire Training Academies as well as Fire Protection Trade Academies... Many of these folks will be Interning prior to there employment as full time firefighters and EMT`s in a city near you.

Confucius said " When you say it can't be done...Move out of the way and let it be done"

Our protection strategies are based in ever evolving "Fire Science" "Fire Protection Engineering" "Fire Resistive Building Construction" "Fire Adaptive Plant Communities" "Wildfire Behavior Analysis" "Historical Fire Data" as well as fire suppression capabilities/strategies employed by the local fire engines responding to your home.

We offer several options/tools for your protection, 24/7/365, Automatically and you don't even have to be home.

In a fast moving wildfire event, in the middle of the night... There is no time to wait for someone else to come, to call you! Take a proactive approach to protecting your home from wildfire. If you can't evacuate or don't hear/receive the reverse 911 call, we can make your home a safe haven for your shelter in place event...

If you do evacuate at least you can be confident in knowing, that your home, may have survived the event giving you a home to come back to.

It's not rocket science... Its "Fire Science" and good old 21st century American Ingenuity combined with over 100 years of successful application of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment Designed/Installed, inspected by Fire Departments Nation Wide, everyday...  It`s not new or experimental... Just because you haven't heard about it does not mean it doesn't exist... The means to protect your home from Wildfire has been here for decades. Today's science and technology has tremendously increased our odds for success.

American Eagle Fire Protection Services has finely woven all aspects of protecting your home from wildfire to develop comprehensive fire protection strategies and plans to protect your home from wildfire.

Its the 21st Century... No Home has to burn anymore.

Success is a planned sequence of events set forth to a predetermined outcome. It's not Luck!!! We all aspire to be lucky "I thank those lucky stars", thought we lucked out. We all hope we will be successful at whatever our tasks... Wishing and hoping won't guarantee success but feels good... Planning for success may not feel so good but when it's all said and done you will know with confidence that your Home and Family are going to be protected/safe from wildfire.

Confucius said " When you say it can't be done...Move out of the way and let it be done"

Please do not listen to the Nar-Do-Well`s who say "Oh You Can't Do That" "That`s impossible" "In all my years of firefighting I have never seen..." "Bob doesn't have one so it can't be good" They mean well but have little knowledge of the subject. 

Do not ask advise on how to protect your home from wildfire from your Doctor, Lawyer, Pool Service Guy, the Landscaper, General Contractor or even that sweet retired Fire Chief living in your neighborhood. Talk to us... We are those professionals that can help, we do it everyday.

Your Family's Fire Safety can not rely on the folks at the other end of a phone call to come and help or in some cases even answer the call for help. We are ready (our systems) at your home, in the ready 24/7/365, with a twenty year service free warranty and you don't have to call any one to help, we are there already... A firefighter in every room of your house, corner of your yard or property. How kool is that!

"Protect Your Home from Wildfire" ? Yes we can... The other guys won't guarantee success. We plan for success!!! It's that simple... Only models for success...

It's Not Rocket Science... Its "Fire Science"


Taking A Pro-Active approach to Fire Protection will save your Home from WildFire!

Don`t wait until there is smoke in the air to develop your plan... It will be to late then. Fire is capricious. It can find the weak link in your home’s fire protection scheme and gain the upper hand because of a small, overlooked or seemingly inconsequential factor. 

Get a Comprehensive Home and Property Assessment. This assessment will gather information from inspecting your home and property utilizing local city, county, state wildfire safe standards as well as common fire fighting tactics and strategy employed to protect your home from wildfire.

This assessment will be used to determine your homes survivability in the event of a wildfire and develop solutions to fully protect your home and make it a safe haven for your family and neighbors. 

While you may not be able to accomplish all measures below (and there are no guarantees), each will increase your home’s, and possibly your family’s, safety and survival during a wildfire.

Start with the easiest and least expensive actions. Begin your work closest to your house and move outward. Keep working on the more difficult items until you have completed your entire project.

What can you do !!!

(A) Get a Wildfire hazard assessment completed asap!

(B) Develop a comprehensive fire protection plan, put it on paper, implement it!

(C) Begin your defensible space! Firescaping your D-Space!

(D) Fire resistive Building Construction (new or remodel) ,coatings, paints, fire walls and barriers!

(E) Interior Fire Sprinklers! (Mandatory in some jurisdictions).

(F) Exterior/Exposure Fire Protection Systems featuring Thermo-Gel!

(G) Barrier Fire Protection Systems (Landscape fire systems)!

(H) Wildfire Monitoring/Early Warning/Detection/Notification systems!

(I) Back-up power generation!

(J) Back-up fire water storage!

American Eagle Fire Protection Services can protect your home and belongings from "WildFire" Anywhere/Anytime... 24/7/365...Automatically and you don`t even have to be home.


Wildfire Hazard Assessment

Schedule your assessment right away. Dates and time filling up fast ! The cost is $3422.67. This cost can be 100% financed.

This is the first thing you want to do. This lets you know What, When, How and When... The first step is to identify the problem. A wildfire assessment will accomplish that.

A Comprehensive Home and Property Assessment. This assessment will gather information from Surveying your Home and Property utilizing local city, county, state wildfire safe standards as well as common fire fighting tactics and strategy employed to protect your home from wildfire. A wildfire behavior analysis will be conducted to determine the impact of wildfire on your home.  

This assessment will be used to determine your homes ability to survive in the event of a wildfire and develop solutions to fully protect your home and make it a safe haven for your family and neighbors. 

The field survey portion of the assessment make take 2-12 hours depending on the complexity of the site conditions both topographic and architecture. 

To compile the field data, run a fire behavior analysis/risk assessment, develop an overview of findings and recommended fire protection strategies. This compilation of data into a comprehensive report will take 30 to 45 days to complete.  

Your Protection can be assured if you develop a Fire Protection Plan and implement it.

Please schedule your Wildfire Hazard Assessment as soon as you can... Our 2020 calendar is filling up. The assessment costs $3422.67 to gather the information needed to develop Fire Protection Strategies based off this information. Call-Email... Get on the calendar!

Fire Protection Plans and Engineering

Vegetation Management Plans/Fire Protection Systems and Equipment Plans/Fire Resistive Building Construction Plans.

These plans will be developed from the data gathered in your "Wildfire Hazard Assessment" These plans are Designed/Engineered by Landscape- Firescaping Architects, Wildfire Risk Assessors, Fire Protection Engineers & Technicians as well as Building Architects. All these folks specialize in protecting Homes and Business from wildfire. 

Please keep in mind that these specialized plans would be developed to implement the recommendations of the Wildfire Assessment. Each specialized plan is part of an overall Wildfire Protection Strategy and should be implemented as such.

That being said you may implement theses plans concurrently or in succession as to greatest risks mitigated first.

(A) Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) for your property to include emergency egress pathways (Brush Clearing/Hazard Reduction). Barrier Fire Protection Systems, irrigation/well systems as well as natural water reclamation and storage strategies to protect zones 2 and 3. This plan takes about 21 days to complete. The cost of these plans start at $3245.99 depending on the complexity of the site.

(B) Fire Protection Systems and Equipment plans for Interior,Exterior and Barrier Fire Protection Systems to include Early Warning and Event Notification. These systems and equipment are suitable for strategies used in zones 1 and 2. There is no better feeling then to know your home is fully encapsulated in a thermo-bubble, protecting your home and family in a shelter in place event making your home a safe haven for neighbors and first responders alike... for up to 6 hours of 2000 degree plus temperatures. The cost of these plans Start at $2675.22 again depending on the complexity of the fire protection scenario. These types of plans take up to 21 days to complete.

(C) Building Construction, New and Remodel Plans for Homes in the Wildland Urban Interface. We will take your existing building plans, or Architect new ones to make your home fully Fire Resistive. We will 100% build this Home as well. A 100% Wildfire Resistive Home, for that matter a 100% Fire Resistive Home-Inside and Out... Built with all your Architectural features and finishes you've grown to know and love, fully adhering to and surpassing all the local wildfire/fire codes and ordinances.

These plans start at $3098.13. These plans can be very detailed oriented covering several aspects of your homes Architecture and Building Construction. These plans may take upto 30 days to complete.

It just makes no since to rebuild or build in the Wildland Urban Interface without building a 100% Fire Resistive Home... It's the 21st Century my friends...

All Engineering and plans can be 100% Financed... No excuse not to get started, you can`t afford not too...

Defensible Space Installation

Firescaping for the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

Defensible space is known as well as” Firescaping”. Defensible Space Statigies are used in all zones to one degree or another.

When we are thinking defensible space, there are 2 general types of landscaping we come across: Native or Ornamental.

A Native landscape would be natural plant communities relatively untouched from the house to the forest. Little to no irrigation in these zones, 2 and 3. A much hotter and drier environment  susceptible  to flame propogation and spread.

An Ornamental landscape would be an improved landscaped environment. Maintenanced and irrigated plant communities would extend from 30 to 50 feet from the house,  including zones 1 and 2. Higher humidity’s with some fire restive species are critical here.

These landscapes may contain hardscapes that further influence the spread of wildfire.


Both these landscapes offer numerous control options. These options start from different places but are of the same concept… ”Defensible Space”

 Defensible Space is an area either natural or man made where materials capable of allowing fire to spread unchecked has been treated, cleared or modified to slow the rate and intensity of a wildfire.

Proven and accepted standards of Design, Installation and Maintenance, approved by Fire Departments Nation Wide for over 100 years!


Building Construction for the Wildland Urban Interface

Fire Restive strategies to protect your home from wildfire. California/Oregon Residential Building Code to include Chapter 7a CRBC as adopted from the International Residential Building Code.

All new construction and remodels will conform to the local codes and ordinances that apply; Electrical,Plumbing, Mechanical, Energy and Green Building, Pool and Spa Safety as well as applicable Historical Building Applications.

The cost to build a fully Fire Resistive, Modern Custom Home will range from $200 to $550 per square foot based on location and your choices in design, interior and exterior finishes. Some folks may also need to buy land to build the house on.

A Custom Fire Resistive Home Design will add 10% to 17% more to your budget, average $30,000 to $50,000. To get accurate cost projections for the project, we need turn those ideas into blueprints and to work with structural engineers, permitting agencies and to identify individual trade element costs.

Remodels/retrofits costs per square foot on an average are in the medium to high range for New Construction square foot costs. 

Automatic - Interior Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

These Fire Sprinkler Systems will conform to the Design, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance standards adopted by the local authorities having jurisdiction as well as NFPA 13D, Standard for the Installation of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes as well as NFPA 13R a residential sprinkler design standard focused on low-rise residential occupancies.

The costs of these Fire Sprinkler System Range from $2.00-$2.50 a square foot depending on location and fire water supply. This includes labor and materials for the pipe distribution systems main, branch and lateral supply line to the fire sprinklers.

The Engineering and Plans for these types of Fire Sprinkler Systems start at $2675.22 depending on the architectural complexity as well as available fire water supply.

All NFPA 13D,13R are to be a full permit project... Meaning the plans will be submitted to the authorities having jurisdiction for review and acceptance where a permit for installation shall be issued. State, County and City fees Start at $1849.54.

The cost of the Fire Water Supply will be determined by existing site conditions; (a) can we use existing conditions (b) or do we have to augment existing conditions to meet our fire protection needs. To figure out this cost we must first design a fire sprinkler system to determine the fire water needs, ie, gpm`s, pressure, pipe diameters...

A deferred cost if existing conditions are not favorable.

Automatic - Exterior Residential Fire Protection Systems

NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems.

rlh@americaneaglefire.com   (844) Fire Out   (844) 347-3688

Barrier - Landscape Fire Protection Systems

Defensible Space Protection Systems. The industry benchmark for design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems, NFPA 13 addresses sprinkler system design approaches, system installation, and component options to prevent fire deaths and property loss.

Landscape/Barrier Fire Protection systems utilize the homes existing irrigation system to create a barrier of thermo-gel to protect your home from direct flame impingement and ember showers or we can create an environment a bit more humid then the surrounding native environment.

WildFire 911

WildFire Detection, Early Warning, Monitoring and Notification Systems

Back - Up Power Generation

When the Grid goes Down. Home Back-Up Power, Comfort, Security, Convenience and 24/7/365 Fire Protection. 

A permanently installed Generac home backup generator protects your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items, Fire Protection and Security.

rlh@americaneaglefire.com   (844) Fire Out   (844) 347-3688


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Thermo-Gel... Another tool in the tool box to Protect Your Home from Wildfire!

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